Millinery Turbans & Headpieces

Millinery turbans and headpieces are the result of a unique chemistry between the designer’s creativity, the craftsman’s hands and the quality of the fabric. Producing a turban following the ancestral rules of Millinery is an art and a permanent challenge. Indeed, the turban is the item on which the work on the material is the most complex as pleating and draping is done in 3 dimensions, on a small round shape. All DONIA ALLEGUE turbans and headpieces are handcrafted in France, by the best craftsmen. Our concern is to offer high quality, made-to measure like, timeless products. Therefore, the choice of selected fabrics and ornamentations is made with extreme care from the best suppliers. Furthermore, a thorough work has been carried out in order to have a perfect fitting. DONIA ALLEGUE headpieces are wearable hair up or down. Each DONIA ALLEGUE turban has a nacre signature pearl on the back. It is engraved with the initials of the brand “DA”.