COLLECTION FW 2015-2016 !

The 70’s, the orientalism of Yves Saint Laurent and his bewitching Opium, the Studio 54 craziness, the big icons of this period, this is the inspiration of Donia Allegue for her FW 2015-16 collection.

Playing with the strong codes of this wild decade, the designer proposes a sensible and provocative collection full of paradoxes like the fashion icons of that time: the committed Bianca Jagger, the androgynous Jane Birkin, the icy Catherine Deneuve and the Californian Lauren Hutton, 4 women, 4 styles… but it’s mainly Miss Jagger and her extraordinary personality who fascinates Donia Allegue. A free soul, she got married, with a turban, to the greatest British Rockstar, while she was pregnant. Believing that nothing is impossible, she started fighting for the protection of human rights and became an international renowned lawyer.

Until today, she stands as a true model of strength & style to which the Designer paid tribute in this collection through various mixes, noble materials as always (velvet, silk, wool...) and warm colours (black, navy blue, burgundy, red, fuchsia, brown...). Headbands, turbans, crowns and headpieces are embellished with details such as fringes in crystal pearls, pendants, feather crests, leopard patterns and even a long crocodile spine.

The collection offers as well many references to the photographers of the 70‘s, Guy Bourdin and his unique combinations of colours, Lee Friedlander and his work on the gaze. This work inspired the designer on her strong pieces as the pearl fringe headband, the “capeline” which is hiding the eyes depending on the mood or even the playful white feather crown. All these icons took a very important place in this decade and Donia chose to honour them in this new collection.

Headpiece in feather: DONIA ALLEGUE 

Photographer: PIERRE DAL CORSO 
Make-up Artist: CORINNE GUES