We are happy to invite to an exclusive Pop-up store at the Hilton Paris Opera during Paris Fashion Week, on Saturday the 29th of September.


For the occasion, Donia has designed an exceptional headpiece for the Hilton called "La Voyageuse" (the Traveller): 

"I was fascinated by the history of the Hilton Paris Opera, formerly known as the Grand Hotel Terminus, which was built to host travelers from all around the world visiting the 1889 World's Exposition, an exposition celebrating the centenary of the French Revolution and which unveiled the Eiffel Tower. A great symbolic meaning!

When I discovered the secret window overlooking the Grand Salon, I let my thoughts travel through the centuries to plunge into this era: the Belle Epoque! It is through this journey that I imagined this exceptional piece, taking inspiration from some of the architectural details of the hotel and adding a touch of French exoticism. I imagined a headpiece inspired by the paradoxes of that time: rigidity of the cap and flexibility of the tulle, ostentation of the gold and dissimulation under the long veil, opacity and transparency of the materials. "